THANK YOU!  Thank you for considering our 2019 Christmas Hampers for Low-Income Seniors Project!  We could not possibly do this annual project without all the generous support of this community!  There are several ways you can help.

DONATE?  Donations of cash, Grocery Store Gift Cards, OR Non-perishable groceries — ANY amount small or large — can be dropped off at the Seniors Resource Centre, 721 Victoria Street, between 9 am and 3 pm weekdays until Tuesday December 10.

SPONSORSHIPS?  $50 — cash or Grocery Store Gift card — will cover the PERISHABLE items for ONE hamper.  Please do NOT donate perishable items as we do NOT have refrigeration for storage.  We will purchase the necessary items just before delivery.

$150 — cash or Grocery Store Gift Cards — will cover the NON-PERISHABLE items for ONE hamper.  Alternatively, your business, group or family might prefer actually shopping for the Non-perishable items.  Sponsorships can be arranged at the Seniors Resource Centre, 721 Victoria Street, between 9 am and 3 pm weekdays until Tuesday December 10.

SUGGESTED SHOPPING LIST?  To assist you with shopping ideas for donations or sponsorships, we have prepared a suggested shopping list that summarizes the contents of an average hamper for 1 or 2 people.  (Most of our hamper recipients live in 1 or 2-person households.)

We are NOT specifying the product brands pictured on our shopping list — these are suggestions ony, BUT we DO appreciate you considering low sugar, no sugar and low-sodium/salt items wherever possible.


Christmas hampers suggested shopping list 2019

IMPORTANT!  PLEASE NOTE!  We will be packing non-perishable foods in boxes made specifically for these items and sizes.  We CANNOT accept bulk items as they won’t fit in our boxes, and Health Regulations do not allow us to repack large quantities into smaller packages.

We CANNOT accept home preserves or homemade food or candy due to Health Regulations.

IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER!  We can accept donations and sponsorships until Tuesday December 10.  This cut-off date is necessary to allow enough time to prepare hampers for December 16 and 17 delivery.


Charitable Tax Receipts for cash donations $20 or greater available upon request.

Thank you for your support!  We couldnt do this without you!


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