PGCOS is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Each member organization appoints a representative who serves as a PGCOS Director.  Executive officers are chosen at each Annual General Meeting.

The 2016/ 2017 PGCOS Executive includes:

 ginnyPresident: Virginia “Ginny” Parsons

fred archibald Vice-President: Fred Archibald

Treasurer: Jim Boer

Secretary: Sharon Hollis

erniePast President: Ernie Myers

2016/2017 Directors include:

Ken Pendergast (representing BC Government Retired Employees)

Stephen Hryciuk (representing North District RCMP Veterans)

Ann O’Shea (representing Elder Citizens Recreation Association)

Karen McKenzie (representing Municipal Pension Retirees Association)

Harold Hartshorne (representing Nechako Rotary Club)

Frank Overand (representing North Central Seniors Association)

Anthony Royan (representing PG Chateau)

Birthe Cisecki (representing PG & District Seniors Activity Centre Society)

Ken Biron (representing PG Power Mobility Society)

Janet Marren (representing PG Public Library)

Kathi Hughes (representing PG Retired Teachers Association)

Ann Halikowski (representing Phoenix Transition Society)

Shamsher Singh Buttar (representing Punjabi Canadian Seniors Society)

Joan Watts (representing Simon Fraser Lodge Family Council)

Charles Forden (representing Spruce Capital Senior Citizens Society)

Julia Cook (representing Stroke Recovery Branch)


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