The following Bylaws changes are being proposed and will be voted on at a Special Membership Meeting on Wednesday June 20, 2018 at 11:00 am at IMSS, 1290 – 2nd Avenue, Prince George, BC.

⇒ Section 2.1 Classes of members and application for membership in the Society.

Problem:  there is no provision in the bylaws to allow individual members of Associations or Groups to be nominated or let their names stand for election.  Only the four types of members in Section 2.1 may nominate an individual or let their name stand for election.

Amend Section 2.1 at a. and b. as follows:  Change “individuals” to “an individual”.  This will make it clear that each member group can only nominate one individual to the Board through the election process.

Delete “will identify a liaison to the Council of Seniors” from sections 2.1 a. and b.  Deal with liaison representatives in a new section.

Add a fifth class of member to solve the above problem:

e.  Any paid-up member of an Association or Group accepted as a member is also a member of the  PGCOS and may be nominated or stand in nomination through the election process.

⇒ Section 3.2  Ordinary business at a general meeting

Delete this section because it is already covered in section 3.12.

⇒ Section 3.14 Methods of Voting

Rewrite as follows:  “At a general meeting, voting must be by a show of hands.  Voting to elect directors must be by secret ballot.”

  • This meets the intention of the current bylaw wording to “adequately disclose the intention of the voting member”.  A show of hands is easy to count, unlike an oral vote.
  • Putting the secret ballot in the bylaws means the chair of the meeting doesn’t have to remember to declare it.

⇒ Section 4.1  Number of directors on Board

Rewrite as follows:  “The Board shall consist of a minimum of seven (7) or a maximum of eleven (11) directors”.

⇒ Section 4.2  Procedures for Election of Directors

Delete the existing wording for Bylaw 4.2 as it is covered under Bylaw 3.12.

⇒ Section 4.3  Term of Directors

Replace the current wording with:  Terms shall be for two (2) years, to a maximum of four (4) consecutive terms after Bylaw changes for any individual.  Five (5) Directors shall be elected for two-year terms in odd-numbered years and up to six (6) Directors shall be elected for two-year terms in even-numbered years.  Separate elections shall be held for one-year terms and two-year terms.

⇒ Section 4.5 Directors may fill vacancies on Board

Replace the current wording with:  “the board may appoint a member to fill a position vacant for any reason, including failure to elect a full slate at an AGM.  Appointed members will serve only until the next Annual General Meeting.”

⇒ Section 4.6  Term of appointment of director filling casual vacancy

Delete this bylaw if Section 4.5 is amended as above.

⇒ Section 5.5  Quorum

Recommended wording:  “The quorum for the transaction of business at a Directors’ Meeting shall be a majority of current directors.”

⇒ Add a new Section 5.8 Committees

“The Board of Directors may create committees and delegate to the committees such powers as the Board of Directors sees fit.

Members are encouraged to join us to discuss and vote on these above changes at 11:00 am on Wednesday June 20 at IMSS, 1290 – 2nd Avenue, Prince George, BC.



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