QUESTION:  What’s the difference between the Prince George Council of Seniors (PGCOS) and the Seniors Resource Centre?

ANSWER:  Prince George Council of Seniors, or PGCOS, is the name of the non-profit society that operates the Seniors Resource Centre located at 721 Victoria Street in Prince George.

The PGCOS Seniors Resource Centre is well-stocked with a variety of up-to-date printed information for seniors on topics such as health, housing, transportation, legal issues, abuse and neglect, and pensions.

Periodically throughout the year, PGCOS provides information displays out and about in the community. Watch for us out at Community events!

The PGCOS Seniors Info-Line (250 564 9100) was established in 2001, and provides a caring voice to answer questions, offer support, and assist seniors in finding relevant information along with suitable contact and referrals. Our Seniors Info-Line is answered during regular business hours. Outside of regular business hours, seniors are encouraged to leave a message and call back number so that we can provide assistance.

PGCOS staff and volunteers answer around 4,000 telephone requests for information, and assist over 2,500 drop-in clients each year. Queries range from info about local events such as Foot Clinics and flu shots to provincial rent subsidies and to federal pensions. The largest percentages of queries pertain to seniors’ health and housing issues.

PGCOS staff also respond to countless email requests for information. Queries are often from out-of-town family members seeking info about services for senior Prince George relatives. Emails can be addressed to

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